Selecting a Detective Agency

If you want to locate a person, it is best to consult with a private detective. They can help you find the person using public and private records. They can also conduct pre-employment background checks and database record searches.


Before choosing a detective agency, make sure to examine their portfolio. You can do this by visiting their website and reading reviews. You should also visit their office.

TIO Square Inc.

Located at MetroTech, Tio Pio is within walking distance from SUNY Polytechnic Institute and Stuyvesant Square Park. It is also a short walk from the A,C,F,R,2 subway lines. This business specializes as a licensed private investigator.

TIO Square Inc is a full-service investigation agency that combines the latest in technology and detective services. It is a Queens-based firm that serves clients throughout New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. Its investigators are trained in surveillance, background checks, GPS tracking, and fraud investigations. Kieffer Ramirez is the director of investigations and information technology. He has more than 18 years of investigative experience. He has also earned several IT industry certifications from Cisco and CompTia.

Tripi Detective Agency

Detective agencies are useful in a variety of situations, including helping you find someone who has gone missing. Whether it is a loved one, an employee, or a business partner, they can help you locate the person in question. Their services are professional and confidential, so you can feel comfortable reaching out to them with any concerns you may have. When selecting a detective agency, be sure to consider their experience and reputation. Also, check to see if they adhere to local law and regulations and can assure you that your information will be kept private.

A good detective agency can help you reduce the stress and chaos of a divorce process. They can provide detailed and verified evidence to support your case in court, as well as locate assets. This can be especially helpful if you’re worried about the financial consequences of a divorce.

Tripi Detective Agency, located in Albany, New York, is a full-service private investigation company with a team of licensed and experienced investigators. They specialize in forensic accounting, fraud investigations, background checks, skip tracing, and surveillance. They can also assist with locating missing persons, and procuring evidence. In addition, they can perform online database searches such as birth records, DMV, license searches, and more. Their services are available for all of New York State.

Tracers Inc.

Licensed investigators often have only a small amount of information, such as a name or phone number, to work with. They are required to use this very little evidence to conduct searches for a variety of reasons, including locating people involved in legal cases, conducting asset searches, and more. For this reason, they need reliable research tools. Tracers is an investigative research platform that helps legal professionals search public records and uncover information that they can’t find in other sources.

Whether you’re looking for a cold case investigation solution or trying to locate someone involved in a civil lawsuit, you need a powerful search engine that can glean accurate data from a wide variety of sources. Tracers’ public search engine provides access to billions of records, spanning millions of adults, and is available through API systems and batch processing, making it easy for you to get the information you need at any time.

Whether you’re running a small law firm or leading a large private investigative agency, you need the best data to get the job done. Using the same tools that giant corporations and government agencies use, Tracers gives you a single source for all your public records research needs. From criminal records to address history, Tracers has the search tools you need to connect the dots and deliver for your clients.

Private Detectives

Whether they’re looking into a cheating spouse, tracking down missing children, or conducting background checks for clients, private investigators are hired by individuals and businesses. Some even work for law firms preparing criminal defense cases or conducting interviews with witnesses and police officers. Private detectives use a variety of tools, including GPS tracking devices and video recorders. They also interview people and may go undercover to gather more information.

Depending on the nature of their work, some states require private detectives to be licensed. This can range from a combination of education and experience to a comprehensive background check. For example, the California Department of Consumer Affairs requires a private investigator to have a valid license to conduct investigations and must pass an examination on state laws.

In addition to fieldwork, private detectives spend a significant amount of time in their offices and at headquarters. They review collected data, prepare reports and communicate with clients. They also use specialized software to manage case files and research online. Moreover, they are often required to collaborate with other professionals in order to complete assignments.

Investigreat LLC is an experienced firm of private investigators based in New York City. Its services include corporate and personal investigations, surveillance, polygraph and lie detector exams, computer forensics and analysis, debugging and bug sweeps. Moreover, the company has a long list of satisfied clients.